Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans

Do you know what it means to miss new orleans
And miss her each night and day
I know i'm not wrong because the feeling's
Getting stronger the longer i stay away

Co-chairs John Ryan/John Kennedy
By golly, I think we did it!

The colorful duo of Steve & Cindy Parsons

Oh, just something we threw on.....

Rod Greaves, sporting his hard earned beads,
digging the music

Miss the moss-covered vines, tall sugar pines
Where mockingbirds used to sing
I'd love to see that old lazy mississippi
Running in the spring

Girls justa wanna have.....

their picture taken

Moonlight on the bayous
Creole tunes fill the air
I dream about magnolias in june
And i'm wishin i was there

Do you know what it means to miss new orleans
When that's where you left your heart
And there's one thing more, i miss the one i care for
More than i miss new orleans

Basin Street Blues
Basin street is the street
Where all the white and the black folk meet
Down in new orleans, the land of dreams
You never know how much it seems
Not just how much it really means
I'm glad to be, yessirree, in the land of reverie
I can't lose my basin street blues


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